Sample Birth Plan

Thank you for downloading the Sample Birth Plan for an Empowered Birth Experience.
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Your birth plan will be a vehicle for communicating your wishes to your birth team. It is a great tool to help you and your partner get clear on your preferences surrounding your birth experience and to inform your discussion with your birth team to get everyone on the same page.
Please note: This Sample Birth Plan is not intended as a guideline for what to include in your birth plan. It is not medical advice or advice of any sort. It is simply an outline and sample of what others have included in their plan. Birth plans vary greatly and should be based on your values, needs, wants and relationship with your care provider. They should be made after you have educated yourself about all your options and the pros and cons of each.
If you have any questions about options, procedures and pros and cons, please consult with your care provider, doula, childbirth educator or other professional. Get the clarity you need to make an informed birth plan.
Here’s to birthing, parenting and living intentionally and powerfully!
Best wishes on this life-changing journey!
Justine Arian,Founder of the Empowered Birth Method(TM)